Key features of Amazoft online retail shop


Store front

Store front is the front page of your online retail shop. The storefront is the eCommerce website accessible to customers. It includes product pages, category navigation, and checkout pages in which the customer can enter their payment information to complete the purchase. It may also contain additional pages such as the "About Us" page with company information, a Contact page with related information and a contact form, Store Policy pages including shipping, return, and privacy policies, and more.

You can select a design that suits you from our theme database of multiple themes. Many design themes or templates, which are often available from a variety of sources. Amazoft software has a theme store where merchants can choose from a selection of premium templates.


The Administration Panel

The administration area, also know as the backend of your website, is the part of the shopping cart software used for store management and order processing. Other names for this part of the software include the dashboard, the backend, and the control panel. Administration can be either web-based, in which the store owner logs into a website for access, or desktop-based, in which the merchant must use software downloaded onto a computer to make changes which are then sent to the online storefront.

What you find in the store administration strongly depends on the eCommerce software you use. At the very least, you'll have product and category management in which you add products, edit their information and images, and assign them to categories. All shopping cart software also includes a list of recent orders and their status (such as "new," "shipped," and "complete"). The best shopping cart software also provides you with analytics and other information, tools for customizing your store and marketing to customers, and more.

Amazoft cloud storage and backup software is readily available, with several business plans for you to choose from. Personal plans are meant for individual users, whereas business plans are meant to support multiple users who need more advanced security and storage capabilities. You can pay for a business plan monthly, annually or biennially. However, longer contract terms often have cheaper rates. Every business plan supports unlimited users, computers and servers.

Securing your online business must be taken seriously. Amazoft provides security facilities customized to your need and it extends to safeguarding your online property and data as well. To do this, businesses can invest in cloud storage and online backup technology. While there are many options, it is important to choose the one that best supports your business. With a business account, you can easily perform automated synchronization through scheduled or continuous backups. If you are working with a team, you can take advantage of the group management capabilities, like creating links and setting access permissions and restrictions on specific files and folders.


Why Amazoft Online retail shops ate valued products in the market?

  • Multiple levels of security, including PCI compliance, SSL, fraud prevention, and data backups
  • Easy setup and usage, including modern store themes, straightforward customization, and scalability
  • Built-in marketing tools. Email newsletters, promotions, loyalty programs, upsell features, and shopping feeds
  • Shipping facilities. We provide shipping tools customised for your need.
  • Accounting and payment tools. Payment gateways, tax calculation, and accounting software integrations
  • Customer management tools. We provide full spectrum of customer management tools for you: data management, customer record management, email systems, online research and Q&A
  • Technical support and tutorials. We train your staff and provide continuous education and training as for your requests.